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Jordana Made To Last Eyeshadow Collection: Swatches & Review

In my recent haul I mentioned this palette by Jordana and today I am here to give you guys a review on the palette. Hope you enjoy!


I got my palette in 01 Newds and as you can tell by the name, all the shades are fairly natural. It has two light shades, one of which is matte and the another one has a slight sheen to it. Then you have two brown shades, both matte. The stars of the show (in my opinion) are the two pink shimmer shades.

Now I want to talk about the shade selection. I feel like in a small six shade palette you could have had more versatility. Why the heck do I need two almost the same brown shades? This is not a palette I would take with me when I’m traveling, because I would have a hard time doing an eye look just with this one palette. My favourite shades are the two pink shades even though they are quite similar to each other.

Let’s talk about pigmentation. The shimmer shades would get a 4+/5, but the rest of the shades are a bit “meh”. They are quite powdery and I find specks of eyeshadow flying all over the place. With the lighter shades I can barely get them to show up and the same goes with the lighter brown shade.

Finger swatches, shades 1-6 from bottom to top.

I am quite happy with the packaging. Even though it’s plastic it feels quite sturdy and the overall look is nice. It comes with one of those “i will never use this and probably will just toss it into the bin” kind of brush applicator thingys. It also shows you on the back how to create three different looks with the palette.

If I had to give this palette a rating from 1-5, I would give it a solid 3. It gets that three because of the two shimmer shades, nice packaging and for the fact that it is fairly affordable ($7,99 according to their website).

Let me know if you have tried this palette or anything else from Jordana. Don’t forget to give the post a Like and follow my blog for more content like this!



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8 thoughts on “Jordana Made To Last Eyeshadow Collection: Swatches & Review

  1. I really loved this post! I’ve heard a lot about Jordana makeup, and I was wondering where you can buy that brand of makeup? I’m interested in purchasing Jordana makeup and doing a review on my blog 🙂

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    1. I bought mine online from a website called PastelBeauty. They might not be the best one if you are living outside Finland, but I would suggest you do some googling and hopefully you’ll find a good website! x


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