Top 3 Products from October 2016

It’s time for another top 3 products and this time they are from the month of October. The month of spookiness and pumpkin spice everything.


I actually didn’t try that many new makeup products, so this post is pretty heavy on Lush products. I mean, everything is from Lush. I didn’t realize this until I started thinking about my top products and I have really just loved things from Lush this month!

  1. Lush Sleepy body lotion*: If I had to imagine what heaven smelled like, it would smell like this product does. It’s a lilac coloured light cream, that sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling super moisturised. I am so bad at describing scents, so I would just highly recommend going to Lush and giving it a sniff. Only sad thing is that this product is a Christmas Limited Edition, so go get it while it’s available!
  2. Lush Ayesha fresh facemask: This was recommended to me here on WordPress and I had to go check it out. It’s not the type of mask that I would usually go for. I would say that it’s quite calming on the skin and it’s not harsh whatsoever. I find that my skin tone looks more even after using this. Only thing that I am not a big fan of is the scent. This mask has asparagus in it and I guess that gives it a bit of an odd scent. Lovely mask still!
  3. Lush Lord Of Misrule shower gel: This bright green shower gel has been my absolute favourite this month. I love the scent which is not my typical favourite scent. It’s not that sweet, but there just is something that draws me to this. Again, it’s a limited edition so go get yours while the stock lasts.


Those were my top 3 products from October. I hope you enjoy this format and let me know what were your top products in October! Don’t forget to Like this post and Follow my Blog for more content like this. I can’t believe we’re almost at 300 followers, that’s crazy!



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(This post is not sponsored, products marked with * have been gifted)


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