Get Ready for Autumn with EOS

Hey! How’s everyone doing? We’ve had the rainiest couple of days here in Finland and I can definitely feel the autumn weather coming. I do have to say that I am hella excited for the colder weather and I am looking forward to spend cozy evenings inside snuggled under a blanket. Anyway, today I am here to tell you about one of my autumn essentials.


So I am pretty sure everyone is familiar with the EOS lip balms? You know those egg shaped little things that everyone loves? As the weather has been getting colder I have also been noticing my lips getting dryer. After hearing so much good things about these lip balms, I had go and pick up one for myself too.

These lip balms promise to keep your lips soft, moist and sensationally smooth. They are paraben and petroleum free. They have good ingredients in them, such as shea butter and vitamin E.  These lip balms have truly become a stable of mine. I think they have such a nice packaging and they are super easy to apply (No need to get your hands messy).

Thank you for reading! Hope you guys enjoyed this little post and I hope all of you are as excited as I am for autumn. Don’t forget to give this post a Like and Follow my Blog for more content like this in the future!



**This post was sponsored on behalf of EOS. All opinions are my honest opinions.

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4 thoughts on “Get Ready for Autumn with EOS

  1. Enjoy Autumn and the beauty that comes with it..winter has just ended here in Australia and Spring has sprung so I’m really excited..🌼

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