W7 In The Buff: Lightly Toasted Eyeshadow Palette // Review + Swatches

Hey everybody! In my recent haul I showed you my new eyeshadow palette which is the W7 In The Buff: Lightly Toasted natural nudes eyeshadow palette. I promised to do a proper review on the palette so here you go!


Firstly I have mention that this palette is super affordable. I bought mine for around 7€ making it a complete bargain! It comes with 12 shadows and an eyeshadow brush. I personally found the brush to be waaaay too dense, so I tossed it away. The packaging itself is a very simple tin case. It looks nice, but the only minus I found is that it doesn’t have a mirror, which is understandable (Way to cut down the cost of making the palette). Here are swatches of all the shadows; (Finger swatches and I did three back and forth swipes in the shadow to get this colour)

First 6 shades starting from the left; Teddy Bear, Wonderland, Cracker, Happy, Lady Luck and Twister
The palette kind of goes from light to dark. A lot of these shadows look darker in the pan than what they look swatched. The shadows were very soft. I think Wonderland is a really pretty pink shimmer shade. Lady Luck and Cracker are the only matte shades and they swatched a bit unevenly. My absolute favourite shade from this palette is Twister which is a gorgeous  gold shade and it’s also very pigmented.

The next six shades; Di Di, Delilah, Magic, It’s A Dream, Up in Smoke, Dawn
The shadows actually swatched gorgeously. My only problems being the fact that Magic looks much more red-ish in the pan than in the swatch. Up In Smoke looks like an amazing black shadow with glitter, but really it is just kind of greyish with a hint of shimmer.


I did say in my haul that I wasn’t really sure about the pigmentation of these shadows. Most of them do have a really nice pigment, but then there are a couple of misses: Magic which looks very different in the pan and swatched. Biggest disappointment is Up in Smoke which just fails to be a black shadow.


  • Super affordable
  • Good selection of colors
  • Pigmentation is good for the price


  • The shadow in Up In Smoke isn’t that great
  • Personal preference, but I wish it had a mirror and more matte shades.

I do think it’s a really good palette. If you are on a budget it’s a great pick and if you just want some good affordable shadows then go ahead and give it a try!

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