Short & Sweet July Favorites 2016

Hi and thank you for tuning in! Today I will be sharing my July favourites. For me it was a busy month and I didn’t try a ton of new products. Some products just weren’t worth mentioning in a Favourites post, but here are all the products I found worth mentioning!


Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in A New Day

I purchased this gorgeous palette and I have been obsessed with it for the whole month. I have pretty much used it everyday for my eye makeup. I think it has a really good selection of shades and they are pigmented enough. My favourite shade from the palette is  called Brightside and I love using it with a wet brush to intensify the shimmer!


My only other favourite for this month has been a facemark from Lush. I have been absolutely loving the Lush BB Seaweed Fresh facemask. I bought it because I had seen someone recommend it on WordPress and of course I had to go and pick it up! I keep mine in the fridge so when I go to use it, it’s cold and that just feels amazing on my skin! It makes my skin feel super smooth and my skin tone looks more even after using it. So far I must say it’s my favourite fresh facemask from Lush!


Thank you for reading! I know this was rather short, but I enjoy making Favourites post and despite only having a couple I wanted to share them with you. If you enjoyed this post then don’t forget to give it a Like and follow my Blog for more content like this!



PS. You know it’s been a busy month when I wrote this whole post talking about “June Favourites” and then realizing that it’s actually July favourites I’m talking about.

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