Copenhagen Beauty Haul

Hello everybody! I went to Copenhagen and spent 4 amazing days there. During my visit I popped into Sephora and some other stores which sold makeup. I didn’t buy that many things since I noticed that things were quite expensive there compared to everywhere else.  Anyway let’s get into it!


Firstly I’ll share the product that I got from Sephora. Sephora is like a heaven for me, but as I went there with two people who do not use makeup I kind of just hurried through the place (I didn’t want to keep everyone waiting). I ended up picking Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lolita. I have seen this particular shade everywhere and I wanted to give it a try. So far so good! This product was around 22€.


Next up I went to a store that sold high street makeup. To be honest a lot of stuff was things available in Finland and it was quite expensive also. I ended up buying the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in the shade Ivory. I had heard good things about it and it’s not sold in Finland, so though I would give it a try. So far it’s okay, I wish it had more coverage. This concealer was around 10€.

Last but not least I got an eyeshadow palette (I mean, CLEARLY, I needed a new one). It was from a brand called W7 (or Warpaint Cosmetics) and it was their In The Buff: Lightly Toasted palette. I have heard people compare it to the first Naked palette and I wanted to give this one a try. It was cheap as chips for 7€. It has similar colors to the first Naked palette, but the pigment is not very consistent in the palette and some shades aren’t that great. I will keep using it and if you’re interested on my final opinion then let me know!


That’s all I got! Hope you enjoyed this quick little haul. If you want a review on any of these products, then leave a comment below! Please give this post a Like and follow my Blog for more posts like this.



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13 thoughts on “Copenhagen Beauty Haul

    1. The pigment isn’t necessarily bad, but I feel like with some of the shades it just is a bit “meh” and some seem to have a kind of an over-spray. I will do a review some time soon. Thank you for reading xx

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    1. Do you like the palettes you have from W7? In my opinion it is an okay palette. It’s not my number 1 palette recommendation, but if someone is looking for an affordable palette then maybe I would recommend this one. Thanks for reading xx

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      1. I think they’re really affordable…
        I have in the buff and most of the colors have a really opaque color but some have fall out (especially the matte ones) but the glittery shades are alright. On to cheeky trio I love the blush and bronzer but the highlighter is not that pigmented and shiny…
        For these prices I really love their products though 🙂

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