New In: Garnier SkinActive Tissue Mask Moisture Bomb

Hello,  I’m back! I have been traveling for the past two weeks and that’s why I haven’t been posting. I spent about an week driving around Finland and visiting relatives. After that I flew to Copenhagen with my friend and had an amazing weekend there. We saw Beyoncé on her Formation Tour last Sunday and it was the best performance I have ever seen!

Anyway, before I left for Copenhagen and I went down to the shops. While I was there I saw Garnier had brought out some new products! They have a whole new range of Moisture Bomb products and the product that caught my eye was the tissue mask.


There are plenty of normal face masks in the high street, but this is the first tissue mask I have seen. I was super excited when I saw that Garnier had brought out one and it was only around 3 euros. It is called the Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. It’s for dehydrated skin/all skintypes. It says that it’s super hydrating and energizing mask. The package comes with one tissue mask and the mask has pomegranate + hyaluronic acic and hydrating serum. You leave it on for 15 minutes and after that you should have intensely hydrated skin.

Putting it on was a bit of an struggle for me, because the mask has two “layers”. One is the actual mask and one is just a “safety layer”. I would recommend reading the instructions written in the back (which I didn’t do). Now the mask feels freaking amazing once it’s on! It feels calming and comfortable. I found that it fit on my face really well and it wasn’t slipping and sliding off. 15 Minutes passed by quickly and after that I pulled the mask off starting for the edges.


What about the results? I mean I couldn’t really tell any visible results. My skin did feel nice and hydrated. On the packaging it says that you should see results after one week, but I am not sure if that means that you use it continuously or just after one use? Regardless, the mask felt amazing on my face and I might have to go and pick up a couple more of these. It’s definitely a pamper treat more than a part of your skincare routine I would say.


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6 thoughts on “New In: Garnier SkinActive Tissue Mask Moisture Bomb

      1. I seal it tight and put it in the fridge. Mask will be (obviously) contaminated with germs from your skin, so storing the mask in cold reduces bacteria re-production. The tissue wont sit on your face as nicely but I feel it is such a waste to toss it away after one use, cause the tissue is saturated with the serum even after use 🙂

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