Product Empties – Part 1

Hello! This post is going to be all about the products that I have used up. I will be giving a little review on the product and tell you if I would purchase the product again. Hope you enjoy!



Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner x2: This is my absolute favourite conditioner (as you can tell by the fact that I have used two of them up). It makes my hair feel smooth and all around nice. Would I Re-Purchase? -Well, of course. I already have one in the shower.

Garnier Respons Caring Mask  with Avocado Oil & Shea Butter: I have been using this since last Autumn and it has taken me forever to use it up. Honestly it’s not that special and I get the same results with my conditioner. Would I Re-Purchase? – Nope, I didn’t really like it.

Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment: This has helped my scalp through it’s most difficult times. (I didn’t actually get to finish this, as it had gone bad and I had to throw it out). Would I Re-Purchase? – Maybe in the future, if I need a product like this.



Clean&Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing MaskI have had this mask forever, because I have been using it on and off. I really enjoyed using it, because it calmed my skin down a bit and made it less oily. It’s a great and affordable mask. Would I Re-Purchase? – It’s not available in Finland, but if I ever come across it somewhere I might consider repurchasing it.

Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil: I absolutely love this product. It takes of my makeup so easily. It has definitely gotten me more into cleansing oils. Would I Re-Purchase? – Again, a product that is not available here. Next time I go somewhere with a Sephora I might pick it up.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc: I was so sad when I ran out this! It’s a super nice toner that I would highly recommend checking out. Would I Re-Purchase? – Yes, once I go somewhere where it’s available!


Makeup, fragrance and bodycare

See By Chloé Eau De Parfum: One of my favourite fragrances! Sadly it was only a 30ml bottle and I have now ran out of it. Would I Re-Purchase? – As it is a perfume it’s a bit more expensive, but I will definitely save up for it and buy another one.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: My holy-grail powder. I had hit pan on this one and then I dropped it which resulted in it compeletely breaking a part. It keeps my oily skin matte and it’s a good one to use through out the day. Would I Re-Purchase? – Already have.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish: This smells so good! It is just a basic body scrub that does the job. Would I Re-Purchase? – It wasn’t that special and there are plenty more body scrubs out there, so I probably wouldn’t repurchase it straight away.


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Thank you for reading,

Carina xx

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