High End VS. High Street: Eyeshadow Primers

Hey! It’s time for another part of my High End VS. High Street series. This time we are talking about eyeshadow primers. These products have recently changed the way my eye makeup applies and lasts. My eyeshadow would always crease through out the day, but not any more!


Firstly, our high end product is Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original. This primer costs $20 for 0.33 oz and the travel size $12 for 0.16 oz. From the high street we have NYX HD High Definition Eyeshadow Base. I bought mine for 8,50€ and you get 0.28 oz of product. (Apologies for the currency difference, I couldn’t find both prices in euros). At the NYX counter I realized they had quite a few different eyeshadow primers, but I thought this one was closest to the UD one.

Urban Decay says their product is a “long-lasting eyeshadow base” and NYX says their product will “even out skin tone and smooth lines. Perfect prep for true color and long-lasting eye shadow. Be camera ready in an instant!”.  Both are nude in colour and they both come with a doe-foot applicator. If they were put side to side and I had to tell which one is which, I wouldn’t be able to tell as they are so similar.

NYX on the Right, UD on the Left.

Application;  As I was blending I noticed that it was a bit easier and smoother to blend eyeshadow with the Primer Potion underneath. I also noticed that the colours were more vibrant on top of the Primer Potion.

Wear; After 7 hours of wear both still looked brand new. I honestly couldn’t tell a difference between the two. I headed to gym and didn’t expect them to last. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that my eyeshadow was still in place after sweating for an hour. There were some minimal creasing in the Primer Potion one (that were visible once I was about an inch away from the mirror).

Final Results; Now I have to say that the Urban Decay one is my favourite out of these two. I have come to this conclusion, because the shadow blended in nicer and it was more vibrant. The NYX on is still amazing for the price. If you don’t want to spent over 10€ on an eyeshadow primer then the NYX one is a great pick (Or if you are just like me and like to try as many things as possible).


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Carina xx

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