First Impressions: Real Techniques Core Collection

Oh my god I’m so excited! I have been wanting to get my hands on some of the Real Techniques brushes for ever. Literally everyone on the internet has been raving about these brushes and when I found them in a store in Finland I had to buy some of them.


These brushes aren’t sold in many places in Finland. Ordering stuff online is always a bit of a hussle for me (for many reason i.e. long delivery times, customs) and that’s why I have been putting off buying these brushes. A store called Ninja in Finland has started carrying these in their stores and when I saw that I was so over the moon. Sadly they were pretty much out of all the brushes. They had the Core Collection (which I bought) and some of the Bold Metals brushes (they are a bit more expensive and the ones they had weren’t really ones I wanted).

Enough of the rambling. The Core Collection comes with four gorgeous brushes.

  • Contour Brush: For contouring. I also think this could be a great brush for under eye concealing.
  • Pointed Foundation Brush: For foundation. I usually don’t use these kinds of flat brushes for foundation. I might use this to put on primers or even facemasks.
  • Detailer Brush: For detailed application. I have to say this is my least favourite brush. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this brush.
  • Buffing Brush: For foundation/buffing product in. I’m probably going to get the most use out of this brush. I can’t wait to use this brush!


You also get a travel case for your brushes that you can also use as a brush stand. I think it’s very nice to include in the set.


All of these brushes are so soft. I like that they aren’t too big, because it’s easier to fit them in my makeup bag. I have to say that I’m not that keen on all of the brushes. Personally the pointed foundation brush and the detailer brush are brushes I might not get that much use out of. For the money I still think that I got some great brushes and I don’t regret purchasing this set.

Would I recommend getting this set? Maybe not. You could just buy the brushes individually and not get the ones you don’t really like.

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Carina xx

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