Eyeliners: Hits & Misses Part 2

Hello! I hope everyone is having a nice Monday. I am for sure as this is sort of my first day of holiday. Anyway, I wanted to make another part of my Hits & Misses series and we are talking about eyeliners yet again. If you haven’t read the previous parts here they are; Concealers: Hits & Misses and Eyeliners: Hits & Misses


First product is something I mentioned in the last post, but back then I hadn’t really made up my final opinion on this product. Sephora Classic Line 24Hr Felt Liner was love at first sight. On the first two days it went on smooth and super black. The tip was precise and it was easy to apply. It stayed on for ages. Then something happened and on the third day of use it started to dry out?! The colour changed to grey and it was so dry that it felt bad dragging this thing on my lid. It became impossible to make a smooth line that was anywhere near being black. I still can’t believe how the product just changed in a few days. I wouldn’t recommend this product as I think that eyeliners should last more than three days. If you have tried this please let me know your thoughts on it!

Next up this the eyeliner that I have been using quite a lot lately. Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner was something I picked up on a whim, because I was desperate to get a new eyeliner quickly. It’s a bit of “Meh” liner in my opinion. The colour is okay and buildable, but this thing just doesn’t stay on my eyelids. Unfortunately I also have oily eyelids and this just smudges everywhere. You can just imagine how annoying it is to realise that the winged liner you spent 30 minutes doing has smudged within the next few hours after applying. Again this is something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.


Last but not least I have a different kind of eyeliner. Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H is a gel eyeliner (as the name suggests). It’s jet black and this stays on forever. I haven’t tried gel liners before and my first experience was definitely successful. I apply the liner with an angled brush and that way it’s easy to get that sharp wing. The pigmentation is amazing and I wore this all day and there wasn’t any smudging happening. If you haven’t tried gel liners before and you struggle with your eyeliner staying on, I would highly recommend this one or just gel liners in general.


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Carina x

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