The Body Shop Summer 2016 – Pinita Colada Range

Hi! Today I’ll be doing a different kind of post. When I passed The Body Shop I noticed that they had a new range called Pinita Colada. I didn’t buy any, because I was in a rush and I wanted to look into the collection more before buying anything.


There are four products in the collection. I have to say that I wish The Body Shop would make different kinds of body products, because I feel like they are always doing the same things with different scents. I guess that okay since the products are still quite good.

Firstly, there is of course the Pinita Colada Body Butter which is your classic The Body Shop product. This product will no doubt be amazing. The scent is described as “deliciously tropical”. I wish they would give more detailed descriptions. This products retails for £14


The shower products in the range are the Pinita Colada Shower Gel and the Pinita Colada Body Scrub. Again, basic The Body Shop products. I have to say that I love the packaging in these! I haven’t tried any of The Body Shop’s scrubs, so I guess that if I try something from this range it will be the scrub. The Shower Gel retails for £5 and the Body Scrub for £15


Last we have the Pinita Colada Body Sorbet which I think is the most interesting product. It light-weight moisturizer that I think would be perfect for summertime. The original bodybutter can get a bit too heavy, so this could be a good choice. The body sorber retails for £8.pc2

When I re-visited the store today they also had small giftsets with a travel size bodybutter and shower gel that were 10€ and bigger sets with all the products for 40€.

I have to say that everytime The Body Shop releases something, it gets me pretty excited. I would love to try some of these products as well! Have you tried anyone these and did you like them? Let me know down in the comments.


All the love, Carina


**All pictures are property of The Body Shop**








11 thoughts on “The Body Shop Summer 2016 – Pinita Colada Range

  1. I gave these a sniff when I popped into the body shop recently, they do smell really tropical, very pineapple-ey I would say! Personally I prefer floral scents, so I picked up the newly released Polynesian Island set, and love it! xxx

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