Affordable Haircare for Damaged hair: Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range

HI! I have had my hair colour treated for years. During that time, I have done quite a bit of damage to my hair. I went through a phase of bleaching the ends of my hair and that almost caused all of my hair to fall out. After I had gone back to dark hair, I had to deal with some seriously bad split ends and dry hair.


My hair is naturally very curly and therefore a bit dry. I also use heat in my hair almost daily, so my hair does go through a lot. About a year ago I found the perfect combo to make my awful hair less awful.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range seriously saved my hair. When I saw these shampoo and conditioner bottles on the shelf, I wasn’t too excited. I wasn’t keen of the idea of putting oil into my hair. I though it would make my hair flat and greasy, but that wasn’t the case at all.

The shampoo looks like an oil, but it’s actually quite light and it foams up nicely and you don’t need a ton of product to get your hair clean. It doesn’t have a strong scent, but it still leaves your hair smelling nice. The conditioner is my favourite out of the two. It’s very creamy and it doesn’t have a scent either. I like to leave it in for a few minutes before washing it out. I found the results were the best that way. My hair is always so nice after using these two products.

After using it for a while I noticed the condition of my hair change. My split ends weren’t as bad and my hair felt much softer in general. I stopped using a deep conditioner because I felt like this conditioner did the job much faster and the results were better. It helped with the dryness of my scalp too.

I honestly couldn’t recommend a haircare product more. I haven’t found anything near as good as these products are. Of course, you can’t cure split ends with a conditioner, but it makes them not stand out as much and saves you from having to cut your hair so much.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Carina x

PS. I wanted to make a little life update because I’m in a chatty mood. I only have like a month of school left, and the last month is always super busy. I literally have tons of projects and exams coming up in a few weeks. I’m so stressed about those, because I have to work hard in order to get to the school that I applied for next year. And in the beginning of the June, I’ll be doing a two-week work experience thing and then working for a week after that. I’m one of those people who put so much effort into everything and I feel super stressed out about updating my blog, because I don’t want to quit posting. I will try and post three times a week as I am currently doing, but it’s definately going to be hard. I hope you are all having a good spring and enjoying your life as much as you can!


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