The Best of Lush


I have loved Lush products pretty much from the beginning of my beauty obsession. I remember watching Lush hauls on YouTube and dying all over the gorgeous products. Unfortunately we don’t have a bathtub in my house, so I haven’t really gotten a chance to try their bathstuff but I am a big fan of their skincare and haircare. Here are all my top picks!



I raved about Mask of Magnaminty in one of my earliest post, so I’m not going to go too indepth with this one. It’s an amazing mask and I love everything about it. It’s a must-have product for oily and acne-prone skin. I have also tried one of their fresh facemasks. The one that I tried was Cupcake, which is a deliciously scented deep cleansing facemask. It left my skin feeling super smooth and lovely.  It’s more of a pamper product than a part of my skincare routine. Only downside is that is goes out of date pretty quickly and there is actually quite a lot of product to use. I ended up sharing this pot with my mum, who loved it. I haven’t repurchased it yet, because of my loyalty to Mask of Magnaminty.

Apart from the facemasks, I also loved their Tea Tree Water toner. It was one of first products I ever got from Lush. It’s refreshing and feels nice on the skin. Again, a great product for oily and acne-prone skin. I haven’t had this for a while, because I am kinda on-and-off with toners. I will definately go and buy another one once I finish the toner I’m currently using.

Haircare and Bodycare

I was on a hunt for a deep cleansing shampoo and at the store they recommended their Big Shampoo. It is very unique, because it has bits of sea salt in it. It gives my hair an amazing lift and leaves it feeling super fresh. My hair is squeky clean after using it. I love the smell of it and the pot is so big that it lasts absolutely ages. Another shampoo that I got recommended was Soak and Float, which was a completely new kind of product for me. It is a bar shampoo that is supposed to help with scalp problems. It has helped a lot for the past months and my scalp has become less itchy and flaky. It was also mentioned in my March Favourites (You know it’s good when it’s featured in a favourites post).

And I also wanted to say one of my favourite things about Lush is their staff. I have always received a warm and helpful greeting. I have found so many great products, because of their recommendations. I love that sometimes when the store isn’t too busy they chat with the customers and are super friendly. Never have I left the store feeling down, thanks to the staff!


Funnily enough, I haven’t tried that many bodyproducts. One that has absolutely blown my mind is Snow Fairy showergel. It’s a product that some people love and some hate. It is sickly sweet, but every once in a while (okay more like every other day) I love to use it. For me it is also a pick-me-up product and it instantly makes me happy. Sadly, nobody besides me gets to enjoy the scent (I’m lonely as heck).  Aside from the scent, it is a basic bodywash that gets the job done. Next year I need to buy a bigger bottle!

Those are my favourite things from Lush! Hope you enjoyed this little ramble. If you did like it please like the post and maybe even follow my blog!

All the love, Carina x


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