Eyeliners: Hits & Misses


A few weeks back I did a post called “Concealers: Hits & Misses” and I thought it was a good way of putting many small reviews into one post. That’s why today I will be doing a same kind of post but with eyeliners! I love eyeliner and I pretty much wear it everyday. It’s one of those things that without it I don’t feel like myself. Few years back when I started getting into makeup, I remember stealing my mums brown eyeliner and then spending ages doing a simple line above my lashes.


Since I am quite picky with eyeliners, I don’t own that many right now because if I don’t like it then I will toss it into the bin quickly.

One of the best is Rimmel Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Eyeliner. It is super black and lasts all day long. It’s not the best one if you are a beginner because the applicator is thin and quite hard to use. The applicator is good for doing a precise line.

Moving on, Soap & Glory Supercat was something I bought because it was all over YouTube and I expected big things from it. It was okay, but not something I would repurchase or recommend. It looked okay after you had put it on but in the afternoon/evening I would always notice that it had smudged and faded away. I also bought one for my mum and she didn’t like it either.

Something I bought when my Supercat liner was letting me down was Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen. And to be honest, it was literally just like the Supercat liner. It didn’t last and I found that it wasn’t super black either. I ended up using it for only a few times before giving up.

Liners with felt tips are super easy to use.

A bit more unfamiliar is Eyeliner Marker Stylo by Kicks. Kicks is basically like a Scandinavian version of Sephora. This is probably one of worst liners I have ever tried. It was a big mess when I tried to use it. It was very liquidy and it was impossible to draw a smooth line with it. The colour looked patchy and it was just all around awful.

Definion Eyeliner by Kiko is definately a miss for me. The biggest issue with this one is the brush. It’s so tiny and picks up waaaay too much product and ends up getting everywhere. The pigment is good, but it’s just impossible to work with.

Lastly Sephora Classic Line 24Hr Felt Liner. After the first two uses I was absolutely in love with this liner. It was black and lasted all day. Then something happened and it turned into a weird grey colour. I don’t know if it somehow dried out (in two days???) or what happened because the consistency changed completely. I haven’t made my mind up about this one just yet.

Also, I absolutely loved an eyeliner from Maybelline but after searching for ages I couldn’t find the product anywhere online. I am not sure if they have discontinued it, but I’m gutted if they have because it was a very good liner.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Carina x



3 thoughts on “Eyeliners: Hits & Misses

  1. I also find the supercat liner smudges after wear. I’m currently using the make up revolution dual ended felt tip liner. It’s not amazing but it’s definitely a good one for the price and doesn’t fade throughout the day x

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