Does it really work?: Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara with Lash Tint complex


I’ve been trying out a new mascara that is supposed to tint your lashes over time. When I bought it, there was a banner saying that you can start to see the results in two weeks. Keep on reading to find out whether it worked or not!


So, the mascara I will be talking about is the Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara. Let’s forget about the whole lash tint complex and focus on the actual mascara. The wand has bristles which is a huge bonus in my opinion. Wands with bristles are usually my favourite. The wand is tapered towards the end. It’s easy to get all your lashes coated with the wand.


The mascara is quite lengthening, but not very volumizing. It makes your lashes super black and doesn’t clump them together. It is buildable and I usually like to put two coats on. I definitely put this mascara to the test when I wore while doing Indoor Cycling. It did not last very well and while I was a sweaty mess, I also supported a nice pair of panda eyes as this mascara smeared all over the place. I wouldn’t recommend seeing a sad movie with this mascara on because it can’t take any tears without smudging. It isn’t a waterproof mascara so it’s really not a big deal that it doesn’t last.

Now, does it tint your lashes? I have been using it every day for the past two weeks. I have not noticed a difference in my lashes which is slighly disappointing but not very unexpected.

(I spent about an hour trying to take a good picture of my eye, but in the end I got grossed out by looking at close ups of my eyeball.)

I think it’s a good mascara. There are better ways to get your lashes tinted than using the same mascara, so don’t waste your time wishing that this mascara will get the job done.

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Carina xx

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21 thoughts on “Does it really work?: Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara with Lash Tint complex

    1. Bought the mascara the other day couldn’t wait to get home to try it that evening washed it off I saw instantly tinted my lashes only slightly but I am fair skinned and you can’t see my lashes or eyebrows will definitely be buying it as it did work for me, I have had my eyelashes professionally tinted before but it proper stung my eyes so never had them tinted ever since, will continue using the mascara see if my lashes get any darker.

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      1. I have light brown/brown lashes and it didn’t work for me, but I’m glad it worked for you. I have seen other people with light hair say that it worked for them. x


  1. I have used quite few Rimmel mascaras and I haven’t found a single one which could disappoint me. Few months back I used Rimmel Wonderlash mascara and I absolutely loved it. Great post!

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  2. I’ve been using it for only two days. My eyes are sore and watering. I guess it’s not for me. This is surprising because I’m not a person who is sensitive to cosmetics.

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  3. I’ve been using this mascara for about a week. My lashes are dark blonde and look nonexistent unless the light hits them just so, so I have hopes for this. After a week I think my lashes are a tiny bit darker, but just a tiny bit. I do agree with you, it adds nice length, but if I sweat or get teary-eyed, this mascara is a mess. I’ll make it a point to use it daily for at least a month, to see if I get results, but so far I’m not sure I’ll see much happening.

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    1. Hopefully it will work even better on the long run. Let me know what are results after a month, I’d be interested to know if it makes a difference if you use it for a longer time. Thank you for reading x


  4. Just a head’s up: it actually says on pretty much every single site that I have visited regarding this particular mascara that you won’t begin to see any change from the tinting until, at the EARLIEST, after two weeks. Just thought that maybe that would help anyone maybe save some frustration (and possibly money)…give it time to work. If you don’t like that it doesn’t give you enough volume, try using your favorite brush and mascara on top. With a little practice you’ll find how easy it is to get the effects you seek.

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    1. I apologize for the clumsiness of the beginning of my comment. The end of the first sentence should actually read: “…see any change change from the tinting until *after*, at the EARLIEST, two weeks.”
      I also meant to state that, as italics do not appear to be an option here, my use of all-caps merely indicates *emphasis*, not yelling! I apologize to anyone who may have felt that I was being rude, it most certainly was not my intention! Cheers!

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  5. I hadn’t read any reviews etc. about this product when I made this post. I used it for two weeks, because the banner at the store said that you could see results after that. I could have continued to use it after the two weeks mark, but as it wasn’t my favourite mascara I decided to stop. Thank you for the comment, it might be helpful for people using the mascara x


  6. I drank the Rimmel Kool-Aid and bought this Volume Colourist mascara in Extreme Black. I have used it daily, both with full make-up, and no other make-up, for a full month. Bogus!…Bogus!…Bogus!
    I’m blonde, so I expected to see some kind of tint effect on my light lashes. But, this product DOES NOT perform as advertised.

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  7. I got a strange result whereas the skin on my eyelids and under my eyes was turning blue. I also found it hard to get the blue stain off even with Neutrogena cleansing towels.

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